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Welcome to the New and Improved Home of Kristine Hurd Fine Art!

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my new website!

After several months of work, I'm excited to finally have my new site live. When I first started selling art at the beginning of this year, I had no idea if I would sell anything or the whole plan would be a giant bust. So when I chose an ecommerce provider, I picked one that was free, but also had limited options for customization. And on that site I couldn't sell digital files without upgrading to a paid account so I had to find a different site to sell my digital files. And then I started my blog, on yet another site. But a few months ago I decided that I wanted a site that really represented me and I decided to create a new site. Not only do I have an address that is MUCH easier to remember, but the site is easier to navigate, and I was able to consolidate everything on to one site.

Highlights of the new website

Aside from an improved (IMO) design:

  • The site is much easier to navigate

  • I can now offer digital files for sale directly on my site

  • I have a commission request form for anyone that would like to request custom artwork and more!

Artwork from my previous site

You may notice that some of the artwork that was on my previous site is not here. Basically, I ran out of time. I 've been working on this site for quite a few months and had initially wanted to go live September 1, but that didn't work out. With Christmas coming up in a few months, I really wanted to have my candles and ornaments available for pre-order as soon as possible, so rather than wait until I had the time to move everything over, I'm starting with a few items, and will continue to update my site over time. I also have a few projects I'm working on behind the scenes that I'm hoping to add soon. To be notified when I add new products, have a sale, host a giveaway or contest, don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. Just head to my homepage and fill out the form halfway down the page!

I have to give a big thank you to my sister in law Jen Stricker for taking many of the new images on my site. It's one thing to take pictures of your art, and something else entirely to take photos of yourself. She also took some awesome family photos for us when she was here. You can see some of her work here!

What do you think?

Have you had a look around? I would love to hear your thoughts – please leave your comments below!

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