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New Collection Release! Mother Earth.

You may be wondering if it's just a coincidence that I released this particular collection on World Environment Day (newsletter subscribers had access to the collection 24 hours before it was made available to the public). Yes and No. This collection started as an experiment. I wanted to try some new techniques and add some different media, but I always had the vision of something that looked like a satellite image of the earth from space.

satellite  image of ocean
Satellite Image of Beaufort-Chukchi Region

I LOVED the way the first painting turned out so I decided to do a few more.

Alcohol Ink painting of earth as seen from satellite image - Kristine Hurd Fine Art

Lately I've just been adding individual pieces to my site as time permits, but I happened to see that June 6th was World Environment Day and I thought the timing was perfect!

I named the paintings after the Greek goddess Gaia the goddess of the Earth.

See the whole collection here.

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