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My Favorite Paintings

Alcohol Ink Painting Hanging above a desk
My Favorite Paintings Blog Post

When I paint something I usually have one of 3 different reactions.

  1. 1. I hate it. It turned out nothing like I wanted and I'm definitely not keeping it. (I'll usually re-work it at some point unless the paper is stained and then I use it for scrap)

  2. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. I'll sleep on it. (Usually these paintings get re-worked OR I start over on the other side of the painting)


What's funny is that when I've showed people paintings I wasn't thrilled with they usually like them (or they're a bunch of liars) but I just can't bring myself to list something I don't love.

Back to the topic at hand, if you were to ask me which painting is my favorite right now, I would say, "I have 2 and don't make me choose between them."

Mysteries of the Sea - 2022

Abstract ocean wave painting with blue and teal alcohol ink
Mysteries of the Sea - Alcohol Ink Ocean Painting - Kristine Hurd Fine Art

The first painting I chose is something I painted earlier in 2022. I called it "Mysteries of the Sea". First and foremost, I love the sense of peace it brings me. When I look at it I can almost hear the waves of the ocean crashing on the beach. I also love the vivid colors and how the shades blend together to create a feeling of movement and depth.

Vivid Fluctuations - 2022

Bright purple, blue and turquoise abstract alcohol ink wave painting
Vivid Fluctuations - Abstract Alcohol Ink Painting - Kristine Hurd Fine Art

The second painting I choose is something that I painted in March. I called it "Vivid Fluctuations". I love painting oceanscapes and waves, but I also love bright rich colors, so I decided to use the same techniques that I used with "Mysteries of the Sea" but with richer and brighter colors. I absolutely love the way this painting turned out. I love that combining 3 colors created so many other colors and shades and the way the gold ink lends a bit of softness to the lines, but the painting is still energetic and full of life.

Which painting do you like the best? Mysteries of the Sea or Vivid Fluctuations? Comment below!

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