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Hand-Painted Alcohol Ink Stemless Wine Glass

Hand-Painted Alcohol Ink Stemless Wine Glass


This Hand-Painted Alcohol Ink Stemless Wine Glass is the perfect accessory for any wine lover. Each glass is uniquely crafted with a stunning blend of colorful alcohol inks, making every sip feel like a work of art. The stemless design provides a comfortable grip while enjoying your favorite beverage. This stunning Hand-Painted Alcohol Ink Stemless Wine Glass is a true work of art. Each glass is meticulously hand-painted with alcohol ink, creating a unique and one-of-a-kind design. The stemless design adds a modern touch, making it a perfect addition to any home decor. Whether you're enjoying a glass of wine alone or hosting a dinner party, this glass is sure to impress. Elevate your drinking experience with this beautiful, hand-crafted stemless wine glass.


    • 15 fluid oz stemless wine glass
    • Painted with white and black alcohol ink with silver metallic ink
    • Coated in multiple layers of non-toxic, food safe high gloss sealer

    • Wash with a cloth or soft sponge - nothing abrasive
    • Do not microwave
    • Do not place in the dishwasher
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as this can cause the inks to fade
    • Do not use harsh solvents - isopropyl alcohol, beach etc. These can damage the sealant on the glass which will render the glass unusable
    • Do not freeze
    • Avoid washing the exterior of the glasswhen possible
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