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"Coing en Fleurs " Original Artwork on Alcohol Ink Paper

"Coing en Fleurs " Original Artwork on Alcohol Ink Paper


Step into a vibrant garden of hues with "Coing en Fleurs," an alcohol ink painting that captures the essence of a bright pink flower blossom in full bloom. The title, "Coing en Fleurs," translates to "Quince in Bloom" in English, reflecting the radiant energy emanating from the artwork.


Buy "Coing en Fleurs" today and let it grace your space with the vivacity of a blooming flower, a timeless reminder of the heart's capacity to blossom with love and vitality.


    • 5 x 7" painting including mat (fits in 8 x 10" frame)

    • Alcohol ink  painting on synthetic paper 

    • Sealed with multiple layers of Kamar Varnish and Archival UV protective spray to minimize fading over time due to UV exposure

    • All original paintings include a Certificate of Authenticity


    This painting has been protected with several layers of varnish and  UV protectant. Alcohol inks are dye based and are therefore not lightfast and may fade over time. To keep your art looking vibrant and beautiful for as long as possible:

    • Keep out of direct sunlight/UV rays
    • Frame with UV protection glass
    •  Keep away from moisture
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