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9 Benefits of Buying Original Artwork

When you think about spending $100 on a painting that you love, how do you feel? Does the idea feel daunting, or maybe even wasteful? Now imagine spending the same amount of money on dinner and a movie, or a new pair of shoes...

When you spend $100 on dinner and a movie, once the evening is over, you have nothing left to show for it. And while shoes may last a few years, they’ll eventually wear out. But the painting or sculpture you bought could bring you happiness for years to come. And if that doesn't convince you, here are 9 reasons you should buy original artwork:

1. Buying artwork encourages the creation of more art

People buy artwork they love or connect with, so when you buy from an artist, you’re showing that you appreciate what they have created - which in turn encourages them to create more. Plus, the income that the artist makes from their work, allows them the freedom to continue creating.

2. Owning art can stimulate your creativity

Published studies have shown that people who are open to the experience of art, feel more inspired in their daily lives, which translates to better performance on creative tasks. This applies to business environments as well. Not only does art enhance your surroundings, it also contributes to a positive environment and cultivates creativity and problem solving among staff.

3. Art can evoke emotions and increase your dopamine levels

Looking at art can actually evoke powerful emotions through memories or feelings. Professor Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist at the University Collect London, discovered that looking at a piece of art triggered a sudden increase in dopamine levels, which leads to feelings of intense pleasure.

4. Art is a way to express your personality

People choose art because they connect with it in some way. Perhaps it tells a story about a special place you visited, or maybe looking at it fills you with a sense of calm. Whatever the reason, the art you purchase is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings and values.

5. Artwork makes a unique gift

Considering the recipient's personal interests and taking the time to pick out a piece you think they will love, shows them that you care. Unlike mass produced artwork from big-box stores, purchasing original art is a very personal, thoughtful, and unique gift.

6. Art can transform your environment

The right artwork can bring color, life and personality to your home. In the same way art can evoke an emotional response, it can dictate the entire mood of a room.

Furthermore, from a décor perspective, art serves as a focal point, completes a room, and displays your interests and ideas to visitors in your home.

7. Artwork can spark conversations

Regardless if you love a piece of art, or hate it, whether you feel a connection to it or you don’t understand it, art has the ability to inspire thoughts and questions in the viewer. It can help people connect by starting a conversation between anyone enjoying it.

8. Original art is hand-crafted by the artist, resulting in better quality

Artists take pride in their work and when you buy hand-made, original artwork, that pride is reflected in the product you get. From the thoughtful brush strokes, to the different textures, original art possesses a depth and a touchable quality you can’t get with prints.

9. Original artwork is one of a kind

When you buy original artwork, you’re buying something truly unique. While there may be other pieces in a series that share color schemes, size, or subject matter, there will never be another piece exactly like it.

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